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Our company has been serving in the residential and commercial sector since 1993. We deliver beautifully maintained and designed landscaping solutions that can enhance the look of your home or business. Polmark Landscaping will deliver a full range of commercial landscaping installations, residential installations, as well as renovations to your current landscaping.

When we built our team, it was with the goal in mind of meeting the needs of our customers. Through a well-rounded group of professionals, we will continue to add value to your property in Calgary. We want to offer a full-service landscaping solution for offices and commercial buildings.

Whether you are installing renovations for the first time with your landscaping or completing renovations on your property we can assist with:

  • Full custom landscaping and installation solutions
  • Seeding, sodding, grading, and grass car
  • Snow Removal services
  • Installation of hardscaping features like patios, walkways, driveways and more.
  • Installing retaining walls and water flow systems.
  • Complete ongoing maintenance and service contracts.

Our design and landscaping team can hear your needs and build solutions for your backyard that will add true value to your Calgary property. We want to create new usable spaces in your backyard or front yard that will increase your property value and maximize the overall enjoyment of your home.

Our commercial properties can include support for retail centers, commercial buildings, offices and more. We can turn your landscaping solutions into a complete plan for the future. Your business can benefit from these improvements which can extend the professionalism of your brand.

Contact our staff today to learn more about the team at Polmark Landscaping and how we can serve you as landscaping experts.

Polmark Landscaping

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