Landscape Maintenance and Services

At Polmark Landscaping we can provide ongoing lawn maintenance and lawn care services for your property. We specialize in landscape maintenance and solutions to maintain your property in an ongoing sense. We offer solutions ranging from lawn mowing to fertilization and receiving support.

If you are interested in scheduling regular landscaping support and lawn care services contact our experts today and we can make recommendations based off of the needs for your property. It is our goal to keep your lawn looking its best and this means having a lawn that is filled with vibrant, healthy and green grass.

Our staff can handle everything from weed removal to ongoing fertilization and maintenance. We can schedule regular fertilization appointments and grass cutting. It is our goal to make sure that your lawn can continue looking its best throughout the entire year.

At Polmark Landscaping we can offer a series of lawn care programs that can suit the needs of your home or your commercial property. We work with organic lawn care and traditional lawn care in a hybrid format, as well as fully traditional lawn care solutions. We have service packages that range from essential lawn care packages in the early spring and throughout the fall to advanced lawn care packages which include weekly maintenance, grass cutting and more.

By contacting our staff today, we can get an idea of the ongoing landscape maintenance services that will be required for your property. We can provide you with a quote on the services that will work best for your property from there.

Contact our lawn care experts today at Polmark Landscaping, we can make sure that you will have access to the maintenance and services that your property requires to look its absolute best.


Spring (Clean-Ups)


Summer (Lawn Maintenance)


Fall (Clean-Ups)


If you need quality turf for your property, we can provide ongoing support with fresh sod from our landscaping team. Our staff has been serving landscapers, groundskeepers and homeowners throughout the greater Calgary area since the 1993.

We source our sod from locally grown and produced manufacturers, with strains of grass which are designed to be ideal in Alberta’s climate. We want to ensure that everyone has the chance to start with a healthy base of fresh sod. All of the sod that we would put into place is harvested fresh to order and we ensure that the sod installed is fresh on delivery.

We use a variety of topsoil, fertilizers, garden lime, and mulch to ensure that our fresh sod has the best possible chance at a healthy future. We can sod areas of your residential home for landscaping features or provide a complete lawn installation for a commercial building.

As well as providing a fresh bed of sod we also fill in patches with grass seed using certified varieties and blends that will match our grass species. We can make sure that your lawn is healthy and full, with a complete sod installation package from our experience landscaping team.

Contact us if you need access to new sod installations, patches that require filling or a large industrial lawn for your sod in the greater Calgary area. We deliver excellence in the creation of top-quality lawn installations that will build a strong foundation for your landscaping features.

Snow Plowing & Removal

During the winter months, Polmark Landscaping can provide an ongoing team of experts with snow removal, sidewalk clearing, as well as ice management. We provide solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Through our snow removal and plowing services we can check your property regularly for hazards like snow and ice. We want to make sure that you never experience ongoing problems with snow and ice pileup or flash freezing. We want to ensure that residents of your property or employees at your company are able to feel safe and secure on your property. This means regular ice cleanup, snow removal, salting and more.

We have a fleet of plow vehicles that can make the process of clearing your property easy. Our crews are dispatched automatically as weather conditions worsen and we perform regular spot checks on properties as well. We only use equipment that is appropriate for your site and we have separate crews available for sidewalk plowing, snow removal and more.

The crews we have in place can make sure that your sidewalks are completely cleared. We have a team of dedicated experts for walkways, driveways and more. We want to keep your property at its safest at all times.

Contact us for snowplowing, De-icing, sidewalk snow removals and more. We can provide a quote for ongoing maintenance and support.

Landscape Design

The team at Polmark Landscaping can create comprehensive landscaping plans that are well thought out and creative. Our highly skilled team of landscaping experts have years of experience in landscape construction and horticulture. We begin any landscape design by examining your budget and timeline and then creating a full solution to help you carry out any major project.

We want to ensure that you can update your homes landscaping in such a way that the value of your property can be increased. We want to ensure that several outdoor spaces can be created that will be functional, suit your budget as well as improve the overall value of your property.

The landscape design team at Polmark can examine the usable area that we have to work with and then build practical designs that will help you to focus on areas of your backyard, front yard and exterior landscaping. We can produce a number of design sketches to help you visualize the improvements to your space. We want to ensure that you can have a full idea on the future of your landscaping efforts. Once we start working from the rough sketch we will continue to consult other landscaping touches that could be added into your space for maximum value.

We want to consult with our client each step of the way to make sure that we can design a space accordingly and ensure the finest landscaping touches for your property.

Contact us today to learn more about our landscape design process. We can get started with the process of building a design to suit your property.

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